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Welcome to the Scala Commons Sbt Plugin documentation page!


Overview Preview | Edit


The main purpose of this sbt auto-plugin is to copy/extract resource files (css, png, jpeg) from project dependencies to the webpack folder during the fastOptJS/fullOptJS scalajs task, so they can be used later by the webpack task.

This is very similar to copying/extracting of *.js files, which is already provided by the ScalaJSBundlerPlugin.

Since this plugin is sbt auto-plugin, it will be automatically activated for all the projects that depend on ScalaJSBundlerPlugin.

It provides the following settings:

val scommonsResourcesFileFilter: SettingKey[FileFilter] = settingKey[FileFilter](
  "File filter of resources files, that should be automatically copied/extracted to the webpack directory"
val scommonsResourcesArtifacts: SettingKey[Seq[ModuleID]] = settingKey[Seq[ModuleID]](
  "List of artifacts (JARs) with resources, that should be automatically extracted to the webpack directory"

val scommonsBundlesFileFilter: SettingKey[FileFilter] = settingKey[FileFilter](
  "File filter of bundles files, that should be automatically generated in the webpack directory"

val scommonsNodeJsTestLibs: SettingKey[Seq[String]] = settingKey[Seq[String]](
  "List of JavaScript files, that should be pre-pended to the test fastOptJS output, useful for module mocks"

val scommonsRequireWebpackInTest: SettingKey[Boolean] = settingKey[Boolean](
  "Whether webpack command should be executed during tests, use webpackConfigFile for custom configuration"

With default values:

scommonsResourcesFileFilter :=
  "*.js" ||
    "*.json" ||
    "*.css" ||
    "*.ico" ||
    "*.png" ||
    "*.jpg" ||
    "*.jpeg" ||
    "*.gif" ||
    "*.svg" ||
    "*.ttf" ||
    "*.mp3" ||
    "*.wav" ||
    "*.mp4" ||
    "*.mov" ||
    "*.html" ||

scommonsResourcesArtifacts := Seq(
  "org.scommons.client" % "scommons-client-ui" % "*"

scommonsBundlesFileFilter := NothingFilter,

scommonsNodeJsTestLibs := Nil

scommonsRequireWebpackInTest := false,

version in webpack := "4.29.0"

You can extend/override the default values:

    scommonsResourcesFileFilter :=
        scommonsResourcesFileFilter.value || "*.svg",

    scommonsResourcesArtifacts ++= Seq(
      "" % "your-dependency" % "*"
    // will generate bundle.json file(s) with migrations for SQLite
    // see `scommons-websql-migrations` module
    scommonsBundlesFileFilter := "*.sql",
    // to substitute references to react-native modules
    // with our custom mocks during test
    scommonsNodeJsTestLibs := Seq("scommons.reactnative.aliases.js"),

    // to execute webpack during tests
    // (to perform css styles transformations as in main, for example)
    scommonsRequireWebpackInTest := true,
    webpackConfigFile in Test := Some(baseDirectory.value / "test.webpack.config.js"),